Sunday, November 6, 2016

Grossly Inappropriate

Just finished my latest shot! Been doing this on and off whenever I have free time. Wanted to create another shot with characters having a conversation.

Audio from the movie "Hot Fuzz"
Malcolm 2.0 by AnimSchool
Malcolm 2.0 modified by Rb Reber
Custodian Helmet and Badge modeled by L.A. Doles
Pen and Notepad modeled and rigged by Rb Reber
Office Chairs, Desk Lamps, Computer (Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse) from
Rest of environment modeled by Rb Reber
Staging and Layout by Rb Reber

Here's a breakdown of my "Grossly Inappropriate" shot

Block - Blocked the key poses for my animation.
Spline - Tried to get the overall feel and timing of my animation with a little bit of polishing too.
Polish - Polished the timing, spacing, and feel of my animation.
Finalizing - Finally I added the facial animation, modified the rigs a bit, added environment, and also polished the mechanics more.

Hope you guys like it! :)

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