Saturday, December 24, 2016

Blow Your Head Off

Wanted to try out the Will character rig I bought from Long Winter Studios. I was at the cinema a few weeks back when the trailer for the movie "Kong: Skull Island" played, and I thought a line that was delivered by Samuel L. Jackson during the trailer would be perfect for the shot I wanted to animate.

Will Character Rig bought from Long Winter Studios
Glock 17 Rig by Carlos Contreras
Wooden Stool from
Audio from the trailer of "Kong: Skull Island"

Here's a breakdown of my "Blow Your Head Off" shot

Block - Blocked the key poses for my animation.
Spline - Tried to get the overall feel and timing of my animation.
Polish - Adjusted and deleted movements for smoother flow of movement. Polished the timing, spacing, and feel of my animation.
Finalizing - Finally I added the facial animation and polished the mechanics more. I also modified the rig a bit as well as animating the stool to give the sense movement.

Hope you guys like it! :)

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