Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Rb Reber Layout (Previs/Cinematics) Reel 2018

Compiled two of my latest personal layout/previs/cinematic sequences. Comments and critiques are welcome. Any feedback would be very much appreciated. Thank you and hope you guys enjoy it! :)

I've always wanted to dive deeper and get more into doing layout/previs, especially with me being so passionate about storytelling and cinematography. This was really fun to do, and I learned a lot from research and actually doing the work.

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Sequence 1: Invasion (Action) - Action oriented, fast paced cutting, and dynamic compositions.
Sequence 2: No Lies (Conversation/Argument) - Focused mainly on which character is winning/has power/in control of the shot/sequence.

All manner concerning layout/staging/composition/camera movement/acting by Rb Reber
All props downloaded from TF3DM/Free3D
Sets designed and composed/layout by Rb Reber

Rigs used:
Amazing Spider-Man by Kiel Figgins
Assault Trooper
Eof Girl by Truong CG Artist
Silver Cyborg by Truong CG Artist
Other characters downloaded from TF3DM/Free3D, and rigged by Rb Reber

Norman Mod Cool Shirt by Firat Can Kiral
Norman Mod Ed by Edward Lucas
Norman Mod John by Edward Lucas

Audio used:
Music from
Avengers theme by Alan Silvestri
Dialogue from Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Rb Reber Motion Capture Reel 2017

Made an animation reel containing some of my personal motion capture animations. Please watch in HD 720p for 60fps.

•All works displayed are personal
•Hand keyed facial and finger animation
•Cleaned up raw motion capture data
•Maya nCloth used for cloth/hair dynamics
•Character models from TF3DM/Free3D
•Motion capture data from TurboSquid
•Music from freeplaymusic

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Rb Reber Character Animation Reel 2017 Update

Updated my reel and added my latest shots. Wanted to showcase sequences in which I kept the cinematography in mind.

Shot 1: Robbed - Conversation shot with cinematography in mind. You can watch and read all the details about it right here: Robbed
Shot 2: Grossly Inappropriate - Conversation shot between two characters having an argument. You can watch and read all the details about it right here: Grossly Inappropriate
Shot 3: Shake & Bake - Body mechanics shot with cinematography in mind. You can watch and read all the details about it right here: Shake & Bake

Rigs used:
Ray Character Rig by CGTarian
Malcolm 2.0 by AnimSchool
Malcolm 2.0 modified by Rb Reber

Props used:
House props from tf3dm, CGTrader, TurboSquid
Custodian Helmet and Badge modeled by L.A. Doles
Pen and Notepad modeled and rigged by Rb Reber
Office props from
Office environment modeled by Rb Reber
Ultimate Ball from CGMeetup
Basketball court props from TF3DM/Free3D
Basketball court modeled by Rb Reber

Audio used:
The Dark Knight Rises
Hot Fuzz

Cinematography/Layout by Rb Reber
Music from

Shake & Bake

Been doing this shot on and off whenever I have free time, wanted to brush up on my body mechanics animation more. I've been wanting to animate a basketball sequence for a while now, while keeping the cinematography in mind again.

Malcolm 2.0 by AnimSchool
Ultimate Ball from CGMeetup
Props from TF3DM/Free3D
Basketball Court by Rb Reber
Cinematography/Layout by Rb Reber
Music from

Hope you guys like it! :)

Sunday, July 2, 2017


Practiced animating another shot with two characters having a conversation, with cinematography in mind.

Ray Character Rig by CGTarian
Malcolm 2.0 by AnimSchool
Props from tf3dm, CGTrader, TurboSquid
Cinematography/Layout by Rb Reber
Audio from the movie "The Dark Knight Rises"

Hope you guys like it! :)

Come of Age

Another one of my animations I never really got to share here on my blog.

Tried out this free tiger rig and practiced on my quadruped animation more. Also wanted to animate the face of the tiger and do a bit more facial acting with it since it had a nice setup. Thought of what better audio to use than the voice of one of the most popular tiger characters ever, Shere Khan from The Jungle Book.

Tiger Rig from CG Spectrum
Trees from
Audio by Idris Elba as Shere Khan from the 2016 film The Jungle Book

Hope you guys like it! :)


I never really got to share this animation here on my blog, so I'm doing so now.

I wanted to test out this free Judy Hopps rig from Zootopia. Creating interesting mouth shapes was a challenge but it was fun overall.

Juddy Hopps Rig by Mahmoud Youssef
Audio from an interview of Ginnifer Goodwin

Hope you guys like it! :)