Saturday, December 22, 2012


This is kind of a long post, but bear with me, it's all fun! So no Sketch-A-Day for today, I decided to continue it some other time. Though I will continue to sketch everyday if I can. I just need some time to practice my craft more, I believe I still need to improve more. A lot more. It's fun practicing and seeing yourself evolve. And when I can, I'll upload my works again for you to see! :D

Well anyway, this is a little bit of a late upload, MY BATCH'S ANIMATION FESTIVAL!:

First up is my booth. My collaterals which consisted of my pins, key chains and calling cards were wiped clean in about 30 mins-1 hour I think. Thank you to all of those who supported my film!:

Here's the entrance to the theater where our films were shown (ANIFEST V):

Me wearing an afro wig owned by my co-presenter, who also showcased their graduation film, AfroThunder:

Animation Chairperson, Sir Benjie Marasigan Jr with the ribbon cutting to signal the opening of our Animation Festival!:

Me and my co-presenters donning our Anifest V uniforms:

Some of the guests:

Roasted Pork for the guests! I had a chance to eat it and it tasted really good!:

Inside the theater:

Me winning a hardbound Canson sketchpad from the raffle!:

Me winning Best SFX:

And finally, all of my friends and professors posing for pictures!:

It was a day I will always remember! Thank you to everyone for all the support!:

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