Thursday, June 30, 2016

Waiting Around

I animated this shot as a start for my weekly animation challenge for self growth. I was going for 3.5 seconds worth of animation per week, but I went ahead and overdid it with this one since this dialogue has about 8.5 seconds in total. My goal for this weekly challenge for myself is to animate different kinds of shots each week which I have not yet been able to do, whether it may be a dialogue, creature, pantomime or any other kind of shot. I don't compel myself to upload an animation weekly, but I wanted to make sure I can produce an output with the highest quality possible that I can within the time span of a week.

This shot took me about 2 weeks to finish, and I've been doing this at home and whenever I have free time at work. I've always wanted to animate a dialogue shot with an accent other than the american accent, particularly Irish, Scottish, or British. I went ahead with an Irish accent on this one since I really really like Irish people's accents. It was a real challenge to find a good sound file for my shot but I eventually ended up cutting a snippet from an interview of Domhnall Gleeson.

Ray Character Rig by CGTarian
Chair from

Here's a breakdown of my "Waiting Around" shot

Block - Blocked the key poses for my animation. Went ahead and did the body poses first then moved on to the fingers.
Spline - Tried to get the overall feel and timing of my animation. Started polishing a little bit on this step too.
Polish - Really polished my animation to make sure I get all the necessary body mechanics that I wanted. Adjusted timing, spacing, and also added subtle details to make it feel more alive.
Finalizing - Finally I added the facial animation of my shot, starting with the eyes and eyebrows to really convey the emotion of what the character is saying. Then I moved on to lip syncing to give my animation the final touches. I also polished the mechanics a little bit more removing the unnecessary movements that I didn't want.

Hope you guys like it! :)

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