Saturday, February 1, 2014

Spitpaint: Robots in the Mist

Hi guys! Did this one for a facebook group called Daily Spitpaint. Basically they just post a number of topics every day and different artists who are in the group can paint any of these topics for the given time limit of 30 minutes.

This time a topic called "Robots in the mist" was posted along with others. I chose this topic and what immediately came to mind was the AT-AT robot from the Star Wars series. The AT-ATs are often remembered by many to be the gigantic four legged robots which appeared on the planet Hoth.

Anyway, here is my work. Had lots of fun doing this and playing with different brushes. This is my first spitpaint and unfortunately I went a little over 30 on this one. Well I guess I'll have to be quicker next time while still producing the quality that I want!

Hope ya'll like it!

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