Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Walking Dead: Mini-Comic Preview

Hey everyone! So here's my first post of 2013!

I recently finished The Walking Dead The Game and it was such an emotional and satisfying experience. The Walking Dead The Game is VGA's (Video Game Awards) Game of the Year for 2012. And it is rightfully so. I still can't get over the game and I can't wait for The Walking Dead Season 3 to continue. I am a big fan of the comic, the TV show, and now the game.

So anyway, I've been busy doing a mini-comic for the past few days now. It's set in The Walking Dead universe but in a different place than the comic and TV series. It's just basically a fan comic, because I really can't get over the game! It was so amazing!

So here's a panel from my mini-comic. I did the writing for my mini-comic and I am currently doing pencils and inks. Then I'll head on to coloring and lettering. It's my first time to tackle a comic project. It also serves as practice for me. So if you want to know what my story's about, check back here again in maybe 2 weeks.

Again, sorry this is digicam quality, it's a little blurred and not clear, bad quality, just for the sake of uploading. But once I finish inking everything, I'll scan my mini-comic for better quality, to make the lines more black and make the white parts more white. The whole Walking Dead franchise is my inspiration in doing this 6-page mini-comic.

Sorry for the long post, here's a panel from my mini-comic:

UPDATE: Here's the final version of this panel:

I already finished inking everything and I am currently doing colors.Check back again in a few weeks to read my whole The Walking Dead: Mini-Comic fan art!

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