Thursday, January 24, 2013

Storyboard Practice: The Incredibles

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Anyway guys, after recently attending an art workshop/seminar, I really thought about something through. I decided to focus on storyboarding. I really like storyboarding, because ya'll know I like to do quick and sketchy drawings. I also loved comics ever since I was a little kid. Not to mention animated films and series, and of course story telling. I really think these traits of mine will help me become a good storyboard artist. I thought about this really hard and it's something I would love to do for a really long time.

So I've been practicing, studying, reading and watching a lot about storyboarding lately. This is my first sequential upload and I'm gonna be uploading mostly sequentials now to build my storyboarding portfolio, when I can. Though I'm still gonna upload some of my artworks when I've done some.

So since this is my first time doing a digital sequential, I practiced doing boards from a finished movie (though I do know storyboarding is done from the script). This is just for practice and for me to get used to doing storyboards. Also, so that I can get used to working digitally and so that I can practice my pen tablet more. This took me a while to do but I really had a blast working on this! Really!

Again guys, this is for practice only! Of course, The Incredibles copyright to Pixar. Sorry for the long post again guys, I'm gonna try not to type much on my next uploads.

So here it is, my version of the storyboard for Pixar's The Incredibles (One of my all time favorite movies). Scroll on down to see my storyboard side by side with the actual film!:














"The remote controls the robot!"

Dash (Out of screen): "Dad!"

And here is the animatic of my storyboard side by side with the movie. The video came out a little bit dark than the actual boards. And I don't know why but it's only available in a small size:


  1. barbs, take note lang. Kapag paperspective yung laglag/movement ng character, i-perspective mo rin yung directional arrows. :)

    1. haha thanks Nicole! Hindi ko pa masyado naprapractice yung arrows eh. Pero triny ko iperspective nga yung ibang arrows. First time palang naman so magprapractice pa ako. Thanks ulit! :D