Sunday, July 3, 2016

Rb Reber Character Animation Reel 2016 Update

Thought about updating my animation reel so I went ahead and added some of my latest animations

Shot 1: Interactive Game Cinematic (Prototype Demo) - A snippet from a real time prototype game demo project animated in Maya and put together in Unity. This shot was originally animated at 30fps but the reel itself is at 24fps. You can watch it in its original 30fps, and read all about the process of this project right here: Interactive Game Cinematic - Prototype Demo
Shot 2: Waiting Around - Part of a personal weekly animation challenge for self growth. You can watch and read all the details about it right here: Waiting Around
Shot 3: Conversation - My goal was to animate two opposing characters conversing and interacting with one another

Rigs used:
Interactive Game Cinematic - Prototype Demo free rigs from the internet
Ray Character Rig by CGTarian
Norman Mod Wrestler by Aymeric Palermo
Norman Mod Cool Sport by Firat Can Kiral

Props used:
Interactive Game Cinematic - Prototype Demo props from the internet
Chair from

Music from

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