Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bobby Bowles

This is my character Bobby Bowles. He is the main character of the story that I recently made. He is in the same universe with my previous artwork, The Detective, who'm I now named Detective Walter Jones.

Bobby Bowles is your regular teenage nerd who gains the amazing power of super strength:

Original sketch of Bobby Bowles:

My story is all about a unique number of individuals evolving into more advanced beings and gaining powers beyond their imagination. And they band together to fight the outbreak of a virus that causes dead people to return to life. I wont go into details yet, but to summarize my story, it's about Superheroes vs Zombies. If I have the time, I would love to make my story into a comic, aiming for a "not-so-dark-but-still-colorful" look.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Quick Animation Doodle

First time uploading an animation! This is my quick animation doodle for the night. Just wanted to animate something before I go to bed. I've also been watching a lot of Ben 10 lately. It lags on the first few frames, and I have know idea why: