Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Detective

I've been on an uploading hiatus recently because I've been so busy doing clean-ups of the animations for my short film. I needed a break so I practiced designing my own character. This is what I came up with. I call him "The Detective":

The Detective is a kind hearted police/detective who helps anyone in need. He is very casual, he wears only plain shirts and jeans, along with his brown loafers. I think I was inspired to do a police officer character because I've been watching the TV show Dexter lately, and I've been playing the game L.A. Noire again. (Both have detectives in them) If I ever have the time after I finish my current short film, I would like to make another animated short in the future and I would love to design new characters and write a new story. I can see me animating The Detective along with other characters I would design. I can even see him voiced by the guy who voices Officer Joe Swanson in the TV Series, Family Guy. I think that voice would be a great fit for The Detective.

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