Sunday, October 7, 2012

Personal Logo

This will be my personal logo (until I change or enhance it) which I will incorporate with my works. And this would mean that all my original artworks are done and copyrighted to me.

I chose R3 because my name starts with 3 letter Rs. Reuben Rambert Reber. Yeah I know, I'm the R man. I also went with the comic style font because of my comic/cartoony art style. So this logo basically represents who I am.

I will release a portfolio book late this year and it will include Bobby Bowles and his team of superheroes, which I'm thinking about calling them "The Brain Busters" (because they bust zombie brains and stuff, and it will also be the title of my comic if ever I have the time to make it). I will upload the rest of the team in the coming months or so. My book will also feature The Brain Busters' enemies (which are zombies), the main villain of my story, and some of my other works. So stay tuned! I'll upload pics of my book when it's published :)

UPDATE: Added texture and reflection to add more uniqueness to my logo.

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