Tuesday, May 22, 2012


So I thought since summer is going to end here in the Philippines, and I'm going to work on my thesis film once again, I thought I should learn, practice, and make more artworks while I can. And lately, I've been craving to play a game called inFamous, again. It's one of my favorite games, and so I've decided to make a fanart of the main hero and villain, Cole and Kessler. I practiced different ways of coloring and inking in photoshop, as well as drawing the characters in a stylized form, in what I envisioned them in my mind, in my style, to make them come to life. And I learned a lot while making this artwork. Here it is!:

Cole Progress:

Kessler Progress (I had a hard time deciding on the eyes of Kessler, in the end I decided for it to be plain grayish white since I think it looks more sinister):

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  1. nice! laki na ng improvement mo! good job tol! :))