Saturday, April 27, 2013

My storyboards!

Here's me with my storyboards up on the white board! It feels so nice to see your work appreciated by other people! I'm really happy to actually work as a storyboard artist this early in my career. I'm learning a lot and it's helping me improve as a storyboard artist.

These are the boards I mentioned on my last post. These boards are for a teaser of an upcoming project from our studio. I'll upload these boards here on my blog once the teaser is publicly released.

UPDATE: I'll just be uploading these boards on my portfolio site. My portfolio site will feature some of my works which will only be shown there

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Last of Us

So I've been very busy lately doing storyboards for a teaser, for a future project, which would be the second feature film that our studio will produce. I do hope this project moves forward! And to add to that, I'm also building my portfolio! My portfolio will be online in a couple of months so that I can make sure that I showcase my best works. It will mainly have storyboards which I will also upload here on my blog, and some artworks I did in the past, so stay tuned!

I'm so happy that my storyboarding career is kicking off! My mentors liked the storyboard I did for the teaser. I'll upload the boards I did and the actual teaser when it is publicly released. I can't really say something about the project just yet. But watch out for it!

Anyway, as I've said, I've been very busy lately, but I finally finished the storyboard I've been working on, and I had some free time to do an artwork. It's been a while since I uploaded an artwork, but here it is, A The Last of Us fan art! I really can't wait for this game to be released! It comes out on the 14th of June. The game is from Naughty Dog, who are also the creators of my favorite game, Uncharted. Here is my rendition of Joel and Ellie, the protagonists of The Last of Us:

Here's the process of my artwork: