Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ingrid Riley

And finally, the last member of The Brain Busters! Ingrid is mysterious and always serious. She is the "tough nut" of the group. She is the complete opposite of the joker, Elton. She always ignores his jokes and tends to concentrate on busting zombie brains all the time.

Her powers gave her the ultimate understanding of gadgets and weapons. She is the weapons expert of the team. Not only that but she is also the most combat experienced member of the team. She is also the only member of The Brain Busters who kills zombies the old fashioned way, by using weapons, melee or long ranged.

Check out my original sketch of Ingrid. She was supposed to have shoulder pads similar to her metal band and knee pads, but in the end I decided not to include it anymore. She was also supposed to have tactical goggles, but I thought the combination of the bandana and the goggles isn't right, so I decided not to include it in the final piece as well. I tried to maintain casualness (not too techy) so that she will not be too different from the other "busters":

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