Friday, November 16, 2012

Art Book

So I just had my Internal Defense (which is like a mock defense) for my thesis earlier, and it was a success! It went really really well! I presented my graduation film: Chase along with my process of tackling this project, from Pre-Production up to Post-Production.

And yes, my film is finished! A bit more polishing and added scenes, and revisions suggested from the Internal Defense panelists earlier, and I'm ready my for my External Defense! My External Defense will be on the 3rd of December, while our Animation festival, which will showcase my batch's graduation films, will be on December 14.

I am so excited for our Animation Festival! I already have my collaterals for my film which I will display at my booth during the festival. I cant wait to take pictures and upload it after our Animation Festival!

Anyway, here are a few pages from my art book which I said I would upload pics of. Well, here it is! (My art book will also be on display at my booth):





  1. Congratulations - can't wait to see it!

    1. Thanks David! Really appreciate it! I'll upload my film when I can, although I'm not quite sure about contest rules yet. I'm not sure I am allowed to upload my film if I'm gonna enter it in competitions. I'll keep you updated and e-mail you! Thanks again! :D