Saturday, October 27, 2012

Damian Craig

Damian is the CEO of Craig Pharmaceuticals. His company is only a cover for his true misdeeds, he is bent on experimenting with human beings, transfiguring them and altering their DNA. He has no compassion for others and he will do anything he wants without thinking of how it will affect others. He hopes to create an army he can control and take over the city (I haven't thought of a name for the city of my story yet), and then later, the world.

He is the main enemy of The Brain Busters, he is Damian Craig:

Original Sketch of Damian Craig (I drew on a scratch paper so the markers on the other side of the paper bled through his face haha):

Also check out his transformed version here: Damian Craig - Transformed

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Brain Busters Lineup

Here they are! The Brain Busters team lineup!:

Ingrid Riley

And finally, the last member of The Brain Busters! Ingrid is mysterious and always serious. She is the "tough nut" of the group. She is the complete opposite of the joker, Elton. She always ignores his jokes and tends to concentrate on busting zombie brains all the time.

Her powers gave her the ultimate understanding of gadgets and weapons. She is the weapons expert of the team. Not only that but she is also the most combat experienced member of the team. She is also the only member of The Brain Busters who kills zombies the old fashioned way, by using weapons, melee or long ranged.

Check out my original sketch of Ingrid. She was supposed to have shoulder pads similar to her metal band and knee pads, but in the end I decided not to include it anymore. She was also supposed to have tactical goggles, but I thought the combination of the bandana and the goggles isn't right, so I decided not to include it in the final piece as well. I tried to maintain casualness (not too techy) so that she will not be too different from the other "busters":

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Jennica Jones

Jennica is the team's teleporter. Able to teleport anywhere she likes, she helps the team get to wherever they need to go. She is especially handy during a fight, not to mention she has a mean right hook too.

Jennica Jones is the daughter of The Brain Busters' personal friend, Detective Walter Jones. Detective Jones, being in his position (not to mention his daughter is with The Brain Busters) helps the team rid their city of zombie hordes.

Original sketch of Jennica Jones:

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Chase Preview

Hope y'all are ready for some gun fight/parkour action! I'm nearing the end of making my graduation film,  Chase (here's an old poster I designed for my film) and I am so stoked about it! I can't wait to finally finish it and show it to you guys! It's been over a year already and I'm nearly there!

Here's a screenshot of my character the Treasure Hunter!:

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Elton Reid

Flexible and agile, he is super stretchy. The "clown" of the group, he is always joking and makes everyone laugh, except for Ingrid. But don't underestimate this stretchy fella, for he can give a bustin' to anyone who crosses him.

Original sketch of Elton Reid: 

Nathan Grant

Nathan shocks his enemies with his powers of electricity. He is the leader of The Brain Busters, he will do anything to protect anyone from the zombie outbreak.

I also updated my personal logo by adding texture and reflection to make it more "personalized". Nathan Grant will also be included in my art book.

Original sketch of Nathan Grant:

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Personal Logo

This will be my personal logo (until I change or enhance it) which I will incorporate with my works. And this would mean that all my original artworks are done and copyrighted to me.

I chose R3 because my name starts with 3 letter Rs. Reuben Rambert Reber. Yeah I know, I'm the R man. I also went with the comic style font because of my comic/cartoony art style. So this logo basically represents who I am.

I will release a portfolio book late this year and it will include Bobby Bowles and his team of superheroes, which I'm thinking about calling them "The Brain Busters" (because they bust zombie brains and stuff, and it will also be the title of my comic if ever I have the time to make it). I will upload the rest of the team in the coming months or so. My book will also feature The Brain Busters' enemies (which are zombies), the main villain of my story, and some of my other works. So stay tuned! I'll upload pics of my book when it's published :)

UPDATE: Added texture and reflection to add more uniqueness to my logo.